Satisfying Customer Needs

Our dedicated team will engage the specialist services required to instigate a project delivery strategy that ensures success.

The delivery strategy for each project will be tailored through a Project Delivery Plan and will be developed by Intelle with the team of construction professionals and a dedicated supply chain to ensure the client's objectives are fulfilled.

Through collaborative working, operating around a bespoke framework and engaging with the right people we aim to simplify the management process and instigate a methodology that manages the risks on every construction project.

Intelle's Success is built on:

  • The knowledge, expertise and determination of experienced construction professionals with a work ethic to succeed.
  • Creating long term relationships with key customers who have a need for a construction company that keeps its promises.
  • Having strong site management providing assurance that the projects will be delivered with excellent Health & Safety control.
  • An established network of professionals who we have worked with in the past and who liked the experience.
  • Having a positive contribution to the physical and social environments in which we operate.
  • Working with a strong supply chain who have the skills and commitment to add value to each project.
  • Having a robust system from pre-construction through to completion of defects developed into a Project Delivery Plan which ensures successful delivery.
  • Establishing a collaborative working relationship throughout the process to ensure clients keep coming back to Intelle for a repeat of that experience.

Health & Safety


Intelle has achieved SMAS Worksafe Contractor Membership certification under the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) umbrella. The attainment of these accreditations affirm our provision of assured delivery of projects with excellent management of Health & Safety control, whilst working with a skilled supply chain that also meet legal and our own required standards of Health & Safety on all of our projects.